Welcome to Teach-In, Teach-Out, Teach CUNY 2015!

Each Spring for the past three years, the BMCC PSC chapter has organized a Teach CUNY campaign to address the problems of inequity, affordability, and injustice at CUNY. For this year’s Teach CUNY, we are hosting the week in October to fit in with the larger PSC Campaign for a New CUNY Contract. October 19-30: Teach-In, Teach-Out, Teach CUNY on CUNY campuses—two weeks of local actions and activist curriculum. Teach CUNY Week is one event in a series of escalations for the Contract Campaign during the Fall semester.

Two key questions you are encouraged to ask your students are:

  • What is the purpose of public higher education? Does CUNY fulfill this purpose?
  • Whose interests does CUNY serve? Whose interests should it serve?

The lesson plan that fits in with the Contract Campaign is here.  Additional resources and lesson plans are available in the tabs above.

We encourage you to Teach CUNY in your classrooms during October 19-30 and invite your students to participate by filling out the postcard asking Governor Cuomo to sign the Maintenance of Effort Bill that the NY State Legislature passed.

For more information about Teach CUNY 2015, contact teachcuny@hotmail.com.

Teach CUNY 2015 is co-sponsored by the PSC Chapter, the Student Government Association, and NYPIRG.